Updated 7 June 2021


To all our clients, fellow project participants, suppliers and other stakeholders.

I wanted to provide you a further brief update to our operations given the recent announcement of increased restrictions to workplace operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since early 2021 the METIER3 office has been operating with full on-site employee attendance. Following the announcement of the lockdown restrictions acrosss Victoria, and now focussed on Greater Melbourne, the workplace is now closed with each employee working remotely with full functionality for all client / project needs.

Where a site inspection is required, we will discuss arrangements but will only participate on site if we are satisfied that the approach proposed is appropriate in the circumstances and safe for all involved, and complies with the current restrictions for on-site attendance.

We look forward to assisting all our clients as they consider how their projects can progress in a "COVID-normal" environment.

Andrew Norbury